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Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment

non 12-step program CaliforniaWhile 12-step programs are immensely effective, this treatment isn’t for everyone. Most 12-Step Programs makes reference to God, which can alienate those who lack a sense of faith. Maybe you’re one of these people? Or perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with a sponsor, or meetings that glorify drugs and/or alcohol. It could be that you just don’t like to be labeled with terms such as “powerlessness,” “disease,” and “alcoholic.”

If this sounds like you, don’t despair. There is an addiction treatment for you – it’s called a non-12-step treatment program, and it’s your best option for for recovery.

At California Drug Rehab, we work exclusively with Monarch Shores, a luxury rehab facility in Southern California. Among its more than 20 drug addiction treatment modalities, the staff at Monarch Shores provides the following three varieties of non-12-step addiction treatment:

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

In order to change your behavior, you first must change the way you think and learn emotional regulation skills. Discussing your potential to change forms the focus of CBT.


We offer group counseling daily that is not faith based. Topics include insight into coping skills, behavior modification, trigger identification, anger management,effective communication skills.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is an acronym that stands for:

  • S-SELF
  • A-AND

This modern, non-12-step recovery program empowers you to believe that you have the inherent ability to change you life. All you need is the right knowledge and motivation. When you participate in SMART Recovery, you’ll learn ways to alter your dysfunctional or distorted thought patterns. This scientifically-based program is supported by chat rooms as well as meeting online and in person.

At California Drug Rehab, we work exclusively with Monarch Shores. This luxury drug treatment center in Southern California offers a wide variety of personalized and integrated addiction treatment services including SMART Recovery.

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