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At California Drug Rehab we know that you are unique. This means that the approach needed to help you with your drug or alcohol addiction must be unique, as well.

The modalities used to treat your addiction are important. That’s why we place you at Monarch Shores, a drug rehab facility that provides more than 20 different types of treatment to address your addiction. Monarch Shores compliments its addiction treatment programs with a variety of Holistic Care remedies to improve your overall experience.

Monarch Shores’ Holistic Remedies can be a huge help in reducing stress levels during rehab. These treatments can help you find internal peace during a time in which your body, mind, and spirit fight to heal from the damage done by toxic substances. In short, Monarch Shores’ rehab program treats your whole person.

Some of the holistic addiction treatments available at Monarch Shores include:

Yoga: While you focus on postures, breathing, and movement, yoga also produces a meditative state that encourages introspection and personal growth.

Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese medicine helps reduce your anxiety, cravings, and hostility. This makes it perfect treatment to offer in a rehab setting.

Equine therapy: Horses can help facilitate emotional growth and healing. Equine therapy has helped many in recovery and could help you, too.

Physical Fitness / Nutritional Counseling: Exercise and a healthy diet can do wonders for your recovery. You are strongly encouraged to pursue these goals at Monarch Shores.

Physical Fitness and Nutritional Counseling

Physical Fitness has shown remarkable results in maintaining a healthy, active, sober lifestyle. This should come as no surprise, really. When you exercise regularly, your body produces endorphins, which give you positive feelings that are healthy and natural. You’ll likely notice an elevated mood, decreased anxiety and an increase in energy. Most importantly, you’ll notice less of a desire to use drugs or alcohol to help you feel better.

California Drug Rehab works exclusively with Monarch Shores. This luxury drug treatment facility provides you with daily visits to a local gym and access to a personal trainer. To further encourage a healthy lifestyle, the chefs at Monarch Shores prepare healthy gourmet meals and nutritious snacks. This holistic approach provides you with the necessary nutrients to repair the damage done by substance abuse.

Some benefits of exercise and a healthy diet include:

Increased energy levels

Reduced fatigue

Reduced chronic pain

Mental clarity

Reduced anxiety and depression

Improved sleep

Improved overall health

Reduced cravings

More self confidence

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