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Grief Counseling

grief therapyGrief is a person’s normal reaction to a loss. Grief can include a wide variety of emotions, from deep sadness to anger. The reaction generally depends on the person, but is affected by his or her background, beliefs, relationship to what was lost, and other factors. It’s generally identified with sadness, guilt, regret, meaninglessness, and anger. It’s generally accompanied by feelings of disorganization, fatigue, poor sleep, vivid dreams, and trouble concentrating.

Grief counseling is necessary when a person is handicapped by their grief, and so engulfed by their loss that normal coping mechanisms are disabled. Grief counseling uses techniques such as relaxation or meditation to manage symptoms and stressors.

Grief is a very personal emotional process. Our therapists tailor treatment to meet your specific needs and will assist you to help accept the reality of your loss.

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