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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Did your first experience with rehab end up in relapse? Maybe your addiction isn’t the problem. It could be the symptom of a bigger problem that requires a specialized form of rehabilitation treatment called dual-diagnosis treatment. If this is the case, you need this treatment to feel whole again.

Many people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol also suffer a “co-occurring” condition. This is defined as any psychological and emotional disorder that a person might have. There are many, but some of the most common of these conditions encountered in drug treatment are:

Do you alternate between extreme emotional highs (mania) and deep lows (depression)? If so, you might struggle with bipolar disorder, aka manic-depressive disorder. Learn More

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A mood disorder fraught with periods of worry, nervousness, fear or dread. These feelings are frequent, extended, and intense. Learn More

Those who struggle with this feel trapped by obsessive and unwanted thoughts and impulses to perform repetitive and ritualistic behaviors. Learn More

This condition that affects those who experience or witness threatening or harmful occurrences. Symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, and exaggerated reactions. Learn More

If you struggle with any of these disorders, and it was not addressed during your last rehab, it’s no wonder you had troubles. You need dual-diagnosis treatment to provide you with the tools you need to manage both your condition and your addiction. A drug treatment center with qualified doctors and psychiatrists on staff can help you achieve this.

Keep reading to learn more about dual-diagnosis, how it can help, and how California Drug Rehab can help find you a local rehab facility to meet your specific needs.

What is Dual Diagnosis

Dual-diagnosis recovery combines the best elements of mental health care with substance abuse treatment. This two-pronged approach helps clients such as yourself manage their conditions along with drug/alcohol addiction. Those who don’t receive help from a dual diagnosis treatment center are prone to relapse. This tends to manifest itself in one of three ways:

  • Relapse: When the underlying cause of your addiction goes untreated, your left alone to battle the symptoms of your co-occurring condition. Without the help you need for these challenges, you did what you’ve always done – self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.
  • Checking Out Early: Detox rids your body of drugs and physical drug cravings, but not your underlying condition. Your symptoms and the emotional strain of detox can prove too much to take. The temptation to check out of rehab to have a drink or get high can be too strong.
  • Difficulty with Group Therapy: An untreated mental illness can make it hard for you to open up in group. This robs you of all the benefits of this therapy, which include a high success rate for overcoming addiction. If this sounds familiar, it’s no wonder you relapsed after treatment.

Components of Treatment

California Drug Rehab works exclusively with Monarch Shores, a rehab facility that utilizes a vast array of drug treatment modalities. Dual-diagnosis treatment is one of Monarch Shores’ specialties. This integrative program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach made up of the following six components:

Dual Diagnosis Education

This helps you understand your disorder in order to better manage it. Your sessions with clinical staff support, group lecture, and reading material help you comprehend the nature of your co-occurring disorder and how it affects your life. After rehab, you’re encouraged to seek out a support system, manage your medication, and utilize appropriate responses to everyday stressors.

Medication Management

Rehab begins with a psychiatric evaluation and continues with ongoing reassessments. An individualized treatment plan also is offered, along with the options for medication management or natural methods. You also receive education and support for each new medication that’s administered. Staff shares the reasons for use, as well as side effects, expectations, and alternatives. The goal is to help you to continue a healthy, long-term balance.

Family Group Meetings with Clinical Staff

Meeting with your family and the staff of the rehab center is a good way to discuss your condition. This helps educate those you love about your condition and plan your ongoing support after rehab.

Holistic Therapies

Top-quality drug addiction treatment centers utilize many non-traditional remedies including acupuncture, massage, yoga, physical fitness and personal training. To further aid in your recovery, nutritional counseling, relaxation techniques, and meditation also is offered.

Therapy Groups

Rehab facility teams offer daily group and individual sessions several times each week. These sessions offer wonderful opportunities to help process emotions, concerns, and fears. Weekly evaluations of your progress are conducted to determine if you need further care.

Relapse Prevention

Because you need to remain drug-free after rehab, this educational modality is included with your discharge plan. It starts the moment you leave recovery, and includes ongoing evaluation.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Southern California

With the help of all of us at California Drug Rehab, you can finally get the proper help for your addiction and co-occuring condition. The dual-diagnosis treatment program at Monarch Shores awaits you. Call us today at 949-276-2886 for placement. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call. You also can contact us online.

You’re going to love Monarch Shores! Located in Dana Point, it’s Southern California’s most elite luxury rehab facility. The center offers a medically-supervised detox program. Once you complete your detoxification, you will begin your medically-supervised dual-diagnosis treatment.

Because Monarch Shores is a well-known and respected drug rehab facility, rooms fill up quickly. If you want to win your battle against methamphetamine addiction, it’s best to act now!

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