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DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a treatment that combines elements of Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) with Zen Buddhist meditation methods and self-awareness. It’s a skills-based treatment that helps you balance emotions to have more successful interpersonal relationships, increase your distress tolerance, and be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and environment. It’s been found to be particularly effective in treating mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

In our DBT sessions and skill groups, clients learn how to include DBT into your daily life. When participating in a DBT treatment program, you will advance through four stages:

  • Stage 1 is the foundation to recovery. You learn to control life-threatening behaviors that get in the way of your daily life.
  • Stage 2 teaches you to express your feelings in a healthy way. Your therapist helps you identify, experience, and better express emotions.
  • Stage 3 deals with problem solving. It increases your ability to positively deal with the issues that arise in your everyday life.
  • Stage 4 connects all of the lessons and skills of the preceding stages so you can connect and use them in the outside world.

In addition to helping with a range of disorders, DBT teaches you healthier coping skills that help you manage your recovery and boost your quality of life.

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