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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy treatment that is well established in the substance abuse and mental health industry.

CBT focuses on the role of thinking and how it affects how we feel and what we do. CBT treatment aims to help clients control how different thoughts affect thinking, actions, and feelings. Therapists assist clients in diagnosing and correcting flawed thought-patterns that negatively affect behaviors.

Clients who learn CBT develop the necessary skills to prevent mood problems, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and problematic behaviors. Therapists focus on modifying these negative thoughts and thought-processes to create positive and rational thoughts.

The treatment has been extensively tested and clinically proven to help clients with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. It helps give clients the mental strength to overcome addictive compulsions like taking drugs.

CBT is based on the client’s cognitive ability and drive to overcome the psychological motivations towards drug and alcohol abuse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims to:

  • Assist patients with managing emotional conflicts, stress, anxiety, mental illness, and trauma.
  • Help clients understand their behaviors.
  • Make patients aware of negative or unhealthy thought and behavior patterns.
  • Modify patient behaviors by teaching them about the reasons behind behavior.
  • Help patients learn how life experiences can be learned from.
  • Assist clients with deal with trauma and negative beliefs.
  • Teach clients how to manage emotional conflicts, mental illness, and stress.
  • Help clients prevent relapse by better understanding their temptations.

What makes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy effective?

Our team of therapists and support staff teaches you about the addiction cycle and how it has impacted your life so far. You will learn to pinpoint clear boundaries when presented with unhealthy situations and people.

Most importantly, CBT will allow you to feel good about yourself again. It helps discover what caused your addiction so you can live in a happier future. CBT allows you to see and analyze yourself in a new light so you have more confidence to move forward and begin working on the life you always wanted.

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